Staying in Singapore

All our events are going to be around the CBD and Chinatown area, so here are some hotels and hostels we recommend.

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Oh, you might want to check out everything you need to know about your arrival in Singapore if it's your first time here.

The Scarlet Singapore

M Hotel Singapore

Amara Hotel Singapore

Klapsons Hotel

AMOY Hotel

Hotel 1929

ParkRoyal on Pickering

Keong Saik Hotel

And here are some hostels

if you're just a tad tighter on the budget

The Porcelain Hotel

Matchbox Hostel

Wink Hostel

Adler Hostel

A Beary Good Hostel

Royal Hostel Singapore

Fernloft Chinatown

To help you with choosing a venue

Here's the location of all Devfest events in Singapore

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