Developer Community in Singapore

Developers are special here. We are rarer than bankers, doctors, lawyers. Like poets and philosophers, we weave experience from thought alone. We are the self-taught teachers, the self-starting founders, the self-made makers.

Some of us survived school with passions intact: those are the troublemakers, the crazy ones. Some of us followed the frontier from West to East: the misfits, the round pegs in the square holes.

We have come farther, and we go farther. Where previous generations built a city, we now make magic for the world.

Wong Meng Weng

Co-founder Hackerspace SG, JFDI

Chat with us online

We have a few chat groups online as well, and you're welcome to chat with us even before coming over to Singapore.

The developer community in Singapore is young, vibrant and eager to learn. The past 5 years has seen a burst of the number of people and also the variety of topics which can span from programming languages to electronics and design.

Being centrally located in Asia means this tiny tropical island is a confluence of many travelers and settlers from various parts of the world. Attend a typical developer meetup or one of the annual conferences and it is hardly uncommon to find people from almost all continents. Also, as a result of the high population density in Singapore, the local developer community is tightly-knit with startups, educational or research institutes and co-working spaces. Thus, seeking collaboration in completely different domains such as drones or bitcoin becomes easy.

DevFest.Asia is a celebration of this very community. Come and experience the variety of workshops, talks, seminars and other events that will showcase the vibrant and exciting developer scene in Singapore!

Sayanee Basu

Curator We Build SG, podcaster Build Podcast, engineer

Work side by side with us

And when you're in Singapore, you can always get a Co-working space and work together with the locals!